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10 things that are strange Won’t Know About Southern Korea

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10 things that are strange Won’t Know About Southern Korea

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Korea is really a country that is truly fascinating and I also defy you to spending some time here rather than fall in deep love with it. But, there are several quirks that are little oddities that even with 15 months we nevertheless find it difficult to get my mind around. I’ve compiled a listing of 10 crazy reasons for South Korea that you’ll definitely find strange!

1. The street guidelines

Or maybe, having less road guidelines will be better. Red lights, pedestrian crossings, and way that is giving to mean absolutely nothing right here. Scooters, motorbikes and on occasion even vehicles, drive along the freely pavement beeping at you to be within their method. The general rule seems to be that anywhere is fair game if you can fit your car there as for parking. And there’s this strange rule that means you can easily turn appropriate at a crossing, whatever the light being green or red, which includes led to a lot more than a few near misses.

2. Having less queues

Yeah, yeah, I’m a Brit, and all sorts of Brits love queueing, I’ve heard all of it before, but seriously Korea, learn how to wait your change. Koreans seem to own this strange and annoying indisputable fact that they just want to buy a packet of cigarettes, but you have several things to pay for, they can cut in front if they only have one thing in their basket or. Ajummas (see point 7) would be the worst because of this.

3. Koreans have a amazing capability to go to sleep anywhere

With or minus the assistance of several containers of soju. Entrepreneurs throwing down their footwear and settling straight straight down on a park work work work bench for the cheeky energy nap, builders having a kip in the center of a building web web web site, dropping off to sleep regarding the subway yet somehow constantly getting up in time because of their end, as well as in class, ideally maybe maybe not just a representation on my training. Koreans have actually probably the longest working hours in the planet, and several of my pupils just get four or five hours sleep per night, therefore it’s not necessarily astonishing they require some recovery time.

4. Koreans have actually superstitions

Every tradition has their very own superstitions, and Korea’s are no complete complete complete stranger than our anxiety about black colored kitties, broken mirrors and walking under ladders. For instance, the quantity 4 is known as unlucky right right here while the terms for ‘death’ and ‘four’ have actually the pronunciation that is same Korean. You should never give sets of 4 as a gift when you get in a lift the button for the fourth floor will often be F, instead of 4, or sometimes skipped altogether, and. Writing someone’s name in red can be reserved when it comes to dead, which includes on one or more occasion resulted in a motion that is slow ‘nooooooo’ through the children because they dive to make the pen away from my hand. After which there’s fan death, the widely held belief that sleeping in room with an admirer on instantaneously will kill you. There are lots of theories behind this 1, nevertheless the most frequent a person is that the blades regarding the fan will chop within the atmosphere particles making them un-breatheable. No, actually.

5. What’s my age once more?

Along side various other eastern Asian nations, Korea makes use of a various means of age reckoning compared to world that is western and therefore your ‘Korean age’ https://www.sex-match.org will undoubtedly be just one or couple of years (according to just just what thirty days you’re created in) more than your ‘Western age’. Children begin life at one, when you are regarded as being one out of your very first year of life, two in your next 12 months of life, three in your 3rd year of life an such like. But, in Korea everyone many years through to the Lunar brand brand New 12 months (Seollal) in February, and never to their actual birthday celebration. As an example, an infant created in January could be twelve months old once they had been created, and would then turn two on Seollal in February, despite the fact that they might simply be a couple of days old in accordance with the Western system. This method is utilized in almost every time life in Korea, even though appropriate system makes use of the Western reckoning. Confusing I’m sure.

6. Composing and reading the date

While United states English makes use of the month-day-year structure, and British English utilizes the day-month-year structure, Koreans frequently (based on their training) opt for year-month-day. So 10/9/12 could be October 9th 2012, September tenth 2012, or September 12th 2010. Frankly it is anyone’s guess also it makes sell-by dates a total nightmare.

7. Ajummas

This one term is sufficient to hit fear within the heart of even the many experienced expat. Kitted call at clashing animal images, more diamanté compared to the whole cast of TOWIE, not to mention, the obligatory visors atop their standard problem perm, this military of elderly women that wander the roads of Korea is a force become reckoned with. They shall push, jostle and elbow their method to the leading associated with the queue or even to can get on the coach first. Even though they are painfully sluggish whenever walking across the street, don’t be tricked, once that subway chair becomes free they pounce. The thing that is last want is always to invoke the wrath of an ajumma. Try not to mess using them.


This strange, and game that is slightly disturbing unfortuitously quite popular among Korean young ones right now. It, and why no one stops them is completely beyond me where they learned. The ‘game’ involves the children placing their hands together like a gun, looking forward to the moment that is opportune jamming their fingers up your bum yelling DONGCHIP! You have got been warned.

9. Magic structures

From the land regarding the tea-break that is eternal the price that structures look and disappear in Korea is absolutely nothing in short supply of astonishing. One week you’ll walk past a hairdressers, together with week that is next’s a completely refurbished restaurant. It is like residing in some type or type of time-warp.

10. Kimchi-a-rama

The obsession that is national kimchi. After all really, it is fermented cabbage.

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