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How to choose a Face Mask for Covid Protection

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Covid19 has changed our normal way of life. We have to understand the precautions one must take to avoid getting infected. The first and foremost precaution is to wear a face mask while you are interacting with someone. 

This is important because the necessary social distancing might not be possible at all times. Specially while we are in schools, workplaces and markets.

So what are the WHO Guidelines for Facemasks worn by the general public not infected by the covid19 virus:

    1. Wear a 3 layer cotton mask
    2. 3 layers of fabric is mandatory
    3. Without 3 layers – adequate protection is simply not possible.
    4. Do not wear surgical masks – they are meant for the medical staff and the people infected by covid19.
    5. Use a mask that fits your face correctly.
    6. Keep more than 1 mask per individual. If you wash 1 mask – use the spare one.
    7. Keep the masks in a safe clean place when not in use
    8. A 3 layered facemask provides more than 80% protection from the virus.


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